Scheduler Restrict Drag and Drop

What's New

Team leads and supervisors working in the field sometimes use the Scheduler to get an overview of their teams’ work schedules. They often do this via a touchscreen device, such as an iPad or Android tablet. However, users have found that touchscreen gestures such as scroll and pinch-to-zoom are interpreted as drag and drop actions, resulting in jobs being accidentally reassigned and rescheduled.

With this WebApp release, drag and drop is disabled by default when viewing the Scheduler on touchscreen devices, but a toggle switch has been added to re-enable drag and drop if required.

Important Note

Despite the improvements added in this release, the Scheduler is not fully supported on touchscreen devices. We continue to recommend using a standard desktop or laptop for the best Scheduler experience

Release Notes

If you would like to learn more about the Scheduler: Restrict Drag and Drop on Touchscreens update, please review the release notes by clicking the button below.