FA WebApp | Multi-User Editing Update

What's New

The FieldAware Development team has released an update that prevents users from overwriting another user’s changes to a record. This release will resolve an issue whereby an old version of a Job could overwrite a newer version, resulting in the loss of data. This issue typically occurs in the WebApp, where a browser window has been left open with unsaved changes while the Job has been updated out in the field.

Updated User Workflow & Example

The change introduced by this release will detect if an older version of a Job is trying to overwrite a newer version. In turn, it will subsequently reject those changes, and an error will display. Read below for a user workflow exaple:


Workflow Example

1. Alice opens Job, J123, in the WebApp for editing.
2. Alice makes some changes, but forgets to click save. She, then, goes to lunch.
3. In the meantime, the engineer, Bob, updates J123 on his mobile device.
4. Alice returns from lunch and realizes she has forgotten to click save. Now, when she clicks save, the WebApp will raise an error to prevent Alice from overwriting Bob's data (see error message below).



This Multi-User Editing Update was released on Tuesday, December 12, 2017.