Multi-Asset Jobs

As a FieldAware customer, we are notifying you of the availability of Multi-Asset Jobs support, a new feature in the FieldAware WebApp.


What's New

Jobs with multiple assets can now be created in the FieldAware WebApp. This simplifies the workflow for businesses who service more than one asset at a single customer location.

With Multi-Asset Jobs, Assets are linked to the Job through Job Tasks. This adds an extra step over the existing workflow for single-asset jobs, but it allows for granular management of large jobs. By linking Assets to Tasks, technicians can collect asset-specific data using Task Custom Fields, PDF attachments or FieldAware Forms. For True Crew businesses, each asset can be assigned to a different technician so that a large multi-asset job can be divided up efficiently between the crew.


Important Note

This feature must be enabled for the enhancement to apply. Please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to turn on the Multi-Asset Jobs feature. If you do not know how to contact your CSM, please email


Release Notes

If you would like to learn more about the Multi-Asset Jobs feature, we invite you to review our release notes by clicking the button below.