Custom Fields on Invoices

An enhancement to Invoicing is now available in the FieldAware Web Application.

Custom Fields on Invoices

What’s New

FieldAware has added the ability to display Job Task and Job Item Custom Fields on invoices. We have added this feature in response to customer requests for data collected on Tasks or Items to be visible on invoices.


Setting Up Job Task/Job Item Custom Field for Display on Invoices

Job Task and Job Item Custom Fields can now be added to invoices. Users must first set up a Job Task or Job Item Custom Field to be viewed within the Invoice Details.

1.     Go to Company Settings and select the Custom Fields tab. Users will now see that both Item and Task Custom Field display an option to "Display on Invoice".



2.     In order for a Custom Field to display on an invoice, first select "Display on Job". Only Custom Fields that are added to a Job will be transferred over to the invoice.



3.     With Task and Item Custom Fields setup, users can now save your new settings.


Creating a Job & Converting to an Invoice

1.     Create a Job.

2.     Select to add a Task/Item Custom Field that has been set to "Display on Invoice" and add it to a Task or Item on the Job. Add values to the fields, if blank, and save the Job.



3.    To convert the Job to an Invoice, complete the Job. Once the Job is in a completed state, the "Invoice this Job" action can be selected. Select to 'Invoice this Job".

4.     The Job has now been converted to a pending invoice. Relevant data from the Job should now be visible.

Note: The invoice will not be saved to the system until the "Save" button is selected.

5.     Users can choose to save the invoice or leave it open for editing. 


Viewing & Editing Task/Item Custom Fields on an Invoice

1.     With the invoice either saved or in editing mode, a line item row per Task and Item will now be visible.

2.     An editable description column is available on each line item row. The Task/ Item Custom Fields added to the Job will now be printed inline with the description. This text has become part of the Invoice description and can be removed or edited.



Note: Once an invoice has been converted from a Job, users are unable to return to the Job to update Custom Fields text. For example, if users edit the value of an Item or Task Custom Field, then it will behave as standard text.


Release Notes

If you would like to review additional details of this release, feel free to download the release notes below.



Job Task Custom Fields & Job Item Custom Fields on invoices was released on Thursday, January 25, 2018.