Job Task Custom Fields for Windows

What's New

Previously, Task Custom Fields could only be displayed within the Task records. Now, these Custom Fields can be displayed on Jobs in the FieldAware Windows mobile app.

Each Custom Field can now be assigned with any or all of the following attributes:

  • Syncable - Turn on or off the ability to view certain Custom Fields on the mobile device
  • Read Only on Device - Allow Custom Field values to be viewable but not editable on the mobile device
  • Available on Job - Custom Fields assigned to Items will be displayed on the Job
  • Display on PDF - Custom Fields will be displayed under each Item record when the Job is printed as a PDF

Users can also view and select/deselect these options by going to the Custom Fields tab under Settings.

Why are we making this change?
With this enhancement, users will now be able to view and edit the values within their Task Custom Fields in every Job, enabling users to capture and view more information relevant to their business.

When viewing Tasks on Jobs on the FieldAware Windows mobile app, users can tap on the Task itself to be taken to a screen with the Job Task Custom Field.




Additional Job Task Custom Fields can be added to the Job from the mobile.



Release Notes

If you would like to review additional details of this release, feel free to download the release notes below.



The Job Task Custom Fields on Jobs for Windows feature was released on May 14, 2017.

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