Improvements to Company Settings and My Account

What's New

To lay the groundwork for upcoming features, FieldAware is improving the look and feel of the Company Settings and My Account areas.

These new improvements include:

  • Company Settings is now separated from My Account

  • Use the pop-up menus to access the different areas

  • Company Settings opens in a new dedicated Settings tab

  • Logout via the pop-up menu

  • Back to FieldAware link in the Company Settings area

  • There are no changes to existing functionality

Reasons for the Improvements:

  • To facilitate upcoming changes for Enterprise Model

  • To allow better Roles & Rights control of individual settings in future

  • To move towards modern webapp conventions


Figure 1: New Company Settings pop-up

Figure 2: New My Account pop-up

Figure 3: My Account page - no longer in Company Settings area


Figure 4: Company Settings area. Opens in new browser tab. *Note the Back to FieldAware link in the top left.


Release Notes

If you would like to review additional details of this release, feel free to download the release notes below.



New improvements to the Company Settings and My Account areas were released on May 8, 2017.