New UI Changes | February 2017 Release

FieldAware has released a few new UI changes to the FieldAware platform. Below, you will find the a brief summary of the new features available as well as links to additional information about each new feature. 


Default Landing Page

As part of the ongoing work on Project Commute, Development have added new functionality to the WebApp - the ability for Users to specify the default landing page. Each user will now be able to choose which FieldAware page they are brought to when they log into FieldAware.


Learn more about Setting the Default Landing Page here >>


Invoice Address for Windowed Envelopes

As part of Project Commute, the Invoice PDF layout has now been updated. The address has been repositioned and generous white space has been provided around it.

This means the address will sit correctly in the window of standard #9, #10 and DL windowed envelopes. This update will not accommodate envelopes with two windows (return address will not be displayed). The new PDF layout as well as regional compatibility can be viewed in the release notes below.


Learn more here about Invoice Address for Windowed Envelopes here >>


Job Types and User Skills on API

The accessibility of FieldAware’s API has been expanded to allow system integrators to retrieve, update and delete Job Types and Skills via the API. Skills will also we able to be associated to specific Job Types.

Learn more about Job Types and User Skills on the API here >>