Custom Fields

This release introduces the new Custom Fields update, a new feature which allows webapp users and technicians to view and edit custom field data from the web application or the mobile device. Before, all custom fields associated with a data record were consistant for every record in Fieldaware, regardless of if the custom field was needed for that specific record. Now, custom fields can be added and deleted from specific data records, displaying only the information that is needed to be reflected for each record. This update will effect Customers, Contacts, Locations, Assets, Items, Suppliers, Tasks, Jobs, Quotes, Invoices, and Users. Also, custom fields that were once to syncable to the mobile device can now be referenced by the field technician from the mobile device. 

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Add or Delete Custom Fields for each Data Record in Fieldaware


Add or Delete Custom Fields on the Job Level for specific Job Types


Synchronize your custom fields to give your technicians access to custom fields on the job, quote, customer, item, and asset levels