Custom Fields Settings Page

What's New

FieldAware has made some enhancements to the UI of the Custom Fields Settings page in an effort to prepare for more powerful editing of Custom Fields within the WebApp. The new UI changes will also allow the translation of Custom Fields to other languages in the future. Although there will be UI changes with this update, there will be no change to the current functionality of the page.



The main improvements with this update include:

  • An update to the current UI

  • A new Settings Guide explaining the settings in detail

  • New actions to include: Delete, Cancel, and Save

  • Ability to expand each row to set default values and view dropdown options

  • Change in order - Job/Quote Custom Fields are now at the top of the page


Release Notes

If you would like to review additional details of this release, feel free to download the release notes below.



CUstom Fields Settings Page was released on Wednesday, November 8, 2017.