Changes to Completed Jobs in Scheduler

What's New

New functionality has been added to the FieldAware Scheduler in which Completed Job rows that were previously hidden will now be shown in the Scheduler, and blocks representing short periods of activity will now have a minimum width.


Several FieldAware customers have sought clarification regarding how Jobs are displayed in the Scheduler. Some users have also struggled with Jobs that are active for only a very short time. 


We listened to your feedback and addressed the situation with the following fixes:

  1. A completed Job will no longer be hidden in the Scheduler if activity has happened in the user’s Scheduler view. In other words, a Job that was scheduled for last week, but completed today would not have been shown if the user was looking at this week only. This is no longer the case.

  2. All completed bars (green stripe) now have a minimum width to ensure they are visible.


Release Notes

If you would like to review additional details of this release, feel free to download the release notes below.



The changes to Completed Jobs in the Scheduler was released on July 10, 2017.