New Releases


Stay up-to-date and informed whenever new releases become available to the FieldAware platform. This page provides a quick overview of the most current releases. Reference this page to access direct links to learn more about each release, including release overviews, examples of any changes in the release and release notes.

New Releases

New releases are in order from newest to oldest, with the most recent new release at the top.

Discontinued Support of TLS protocols v1.0 and v1.1

Job Signatures on Demand

Time Slots in API

Changes to PDF Signatures

Scheduler Restrict Drag and Drop

Remove Mandatory Tasks

SMS Notifications

Android Date/Time Picker Update

Multi-Asset Jobs

Job Summary Page Update

Mobile Application Synchronization

Custom Field on Invoices

FA WebApp | Stale Update Fix

Bulk Actions on Quotes List

Custom Fields Settings Page

Time Slot Table Enhancement

Event History

German Language Support

Customer Portal | Asset and Incoice View Pages

FA Mobile | Active to Travel & Duplicate Items on Tasks

Changes to Completed Jobs in Scheduler

New Permission in the Roles and Rights Table on WebApp

UI Updates to Sending Jobs/Job Attachments on Android

Android Settings Page

Job Task Custom Fields for Windows

Improvements to Company Settings and My Account

Windows Mobile Update - Customer, Contact & Location Custom Fields

Job Task Custom Fields for WebApp, Android and iOS

Create Contact from Job Page

Custom Fields

New UI Changes | February 2017

Navigation for Android Users

Time Slots

French Localization

Crew Member Mobile Enhancements