Manage Sync Process


The sync is the communication link between you and the back office using a synchronization process to check for new data and records. Best practice is to sync as one of your first actions in the morning to retrieve the current day’s jobs.

It is important for you to manage this process and ensure data with the office is kept current with the actions on your mobile device. Some of the factors to check during a sync are your connection, if any changes were made to your active job from the back office while you were also adding information, that your mobile device's firmware is up-to-date and that you are on the latest version of our app.

Steps to Sync the App

  1. Open the FieldAware app by tapping the icon on your tablet screen.
  2. Select the double arrow circle icon.
  3. Once the sync is complete, select ‘Done’ to exit the sync screen.

Select this link for additional detail on Sync Best Practices and Error Messages