Work a Job


You will work a job according to your company’s process and required procedures. This basic workflow of a job will highlight the features available and the suggested procedure for working a job. Since all information is stored in the cloud, sync the mobile device to display your latest accessible information. The office will be updated of your status and attachments real time as you work the job.

To be able to work jobs on your Android mobile device download the free FieldAware mobile application from the Google Play Store and log on to the application.

Job Navigation

When you open a job, you will see the Time Slot Summary and Job Summary which splits the job into separate cells:



Details: The Details section included the current job state (i.e., Scheduled, Paused, and Completed), scheduled date and time, job description, custom fields, the pre/post work signature and the auto-invoice option.

Customer: See the customer name, phone number, email address, and address.

  • Use the teal map pin icon to get directions to the location.
  • The HISTORY button will allow you to see the past jobs for this location.
  • The EDIT button will enable you to update the address or capture the latitude/longitude.

Asset: This section gives the detail of the equipment. View the location, history, description, guidelines, and notes associated with this asset. The contract will be attached here.

Tasks: This area lists the services that need to be performed to complete the job. Use this section to add notes, pictures and items to your job.

Crew: This will show any additional crew members.

Times: All the timestamps for the job will be displayed here.

Total cost, total price, and total profit: Use these sections to update the monetary values of the job.

Select this link for additional information on working a job