Remove Asset from a Job or Quote


Remove an asset from existing asset job or quote and optionally move the asset to a different location belonging to the same customer or to a different customer and location. Below are three examples:

  • The technician has dispatched an asset job with the incorrect asset. When you remove the asset, the asset record is not changed.
  • A technician has dispatched a boiler asset maintenance job. After servicing the unit, they determine the boiler is too small for the building's square footage. They remove from the job and move to another building location belonging to the customer. The asset record is changed to the new location. Then, the technician adds the correctly sized boiler to the job.
  • A technician has dispatched a job with an expired fire extinguisher asset. They would remove the fires extinguisher asset from the job and move to the company shop for recharging. The asset record is changed to the new customer, in this example, the shop, and new location. The technician could then add a new or recharged extinguisher asset to the job.

Check with the office to set permissions on the Web App by selecting settings | Roles and Rights tab. Within the expanded Jobs or Quote Setting Area, select the ‘Remove Asset to Job’ or ‘Remove Asset to Quote’ right.

Select this link for additional detail on removing an asset from a job or quote