Create a New Task


If a task does not exist in the current Task List, you may need to add a new task from the field.

The ability to create tasks requires permissions to be turned on. Your company FieldAware Admin will need to make appropriate setting adjustments to permit you to create tasks. The following options need to be turned on to add new tasks to the Task List ‘Enable Task Create’ – ‘Enable Task List’ - ‘Enable Task View’

Steps to Create a New Task

  1. Select the Action Bar (three horizontal lines) at the top left-hand corner of the app.
  2. Choose the Tasks option.
  3. Select the New Task icon.
  4. Fill in the appropriate information. The Task Name is a mandatory field.
  5. Select Save.
  6. To associate items to the task –
    1. Select the ADD button next to items.
    2. Check the desired items.
    3. Select ADD items.

Select this link for additional detail on Creating a Task