Create a New Asset


As you are working in the field, it is common to add new assets to a location. The mobile application allows you to quickly add a new asset for a customer. The ability to create assets requires different settings to be turned on in settings | Roles & Rights or USERS tab | [Selected User Profile] area of your account. The Admin will need to make appropriate setting adjustments to enable you to create assets. The following rights need to be turned on ‘Enable Asset Create’ and ‘Enable Asset View’

Steps to Create a New Asset

  1. Select the desired job.
  2. Select the three vertical square menu key at the top right-hand corner of your job screen.
  3. Choose the “Add Asset” option.
  4. Select the New Asset icon (forklift with a plus sign +) in the top right corner.
  5. Fill out all the details about the Asset that you have. Asset Name is a required field.
  6. Include the Asset Area if needed. Select OK.
  7. Select the appropriate contact or “Tap here to use no contact.”
  8. The Asset will now be attached to your job.

Select this link for additional detail on adding new assets