Add Asset to a Job or Quote


Add an asset to an existing standard scheduled, active, or paused job or quote that has been dispatched. These include adding an asset at the current job or quote location, an asset belonging to the job or quote customer, an asset from another customer and location, and a new asset. Below are a few examples:

• Several assets are part of a heating and cooling system that is not working at a service location so a job is dispatched. The technician identifies the correct asset requiring service; adds asset to job, and then repairs the asset.

• The technician is working on a job and identifies the need for an asset currently located at another location such as a warehouse. They can view the asset list and then move it to the location of their job on the mobile by adding it to the job.

• A technician examines a backup generator to determine if it needs replacement rather than service. Due to the hours on the backup generator and zero tolerance for failure, the technician installs a new backup generator.

On the job or quote summary panel select the action to add an asset to an existing standard job or quote.

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