Setting the Default Landing Page


The Users tab features a Default Landing Page dropdown underneath the Role dropdown. Each user will have the ability to choose which FieldAware page they are brought to when they log into FieldAware.

Setting the Default Landing Page

To set the Default Landing Page, follow these steps:

  • Select the USers tab

  • Click the down arrow of the Default Landing Page dropdown

  • Select the page that will appear upon logging into FieldAware

  • Users will be able to choose from the following to be set as the default landing page:

    • Assets

    • Contact
    • Customers
    • Incoices
    • Items
    • Jobs List
    • Locations
    • Notifications
    • Quotes List
    • Registered Users
    • Reports
    • Requests
    • Schedule
    • Suppliers
    • Tasks
    • Task Groups
    • Unregustered Users


Please note: This setting can be changed at any time.