Manage Users


The USERS tab records anyone who needs to log in and access your account. This includes field service workers, technicians, mechanics, laborers, craftsman, or contractors to whom you assign an appointment, and will be working the job on their mobile devices. This list also includes the back office personnel who dispatch, track and invoice, or access reports and account data.

Registered users are active and archived users of your account. Modify users as your staff changes due to company growth and attrition. Several of the user settings choices will affect mobile devices, use of the mobile application, roles & rights, crews, and labor rates.

Manage users from the REGISTERED tab and User Record to accomplish the following actions:

  • Monitor the Users List for mobile user device, application version, and other details.
  • Modify User Record quickly and easily.
  • Archive or Unarchive users to maintain work history when user is no longer employed or to reactivate seasonal users.
  • Administer timesheets for individual and multiple users.

To manage users on your account requires ‘Enable User Update’, ‘Enable User View’, ‘Enable User List’, and ‘Enable User Archive’ in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ security settings.

In order to manage multiple user timesheets also check the ‘Enable Multiple Timesheets’ right.

Consider the following tips and techniques as you mange users:

  • All accounts will display an uncharged user named, faadmin Internal Admin, worked by FieldAware support representatives. This user is to provide assistance both in setup and troubleshooting customer accounts.
  • Labor rates must be defined in settings | COMPANY | Labor Details. Once the labor rates are defined, the labor rates are then available to be associated to the individual users.
  • Unlimited User Custom fields are available to define in settings | CUSTOM FIELDS | Users
  • ‘User Rights’ can be either standard with the role or custom to the individual user.
  • Custom User permissions will override group role settings when activated in User Rights.
  • A user will display on the Users List once they have activated status by confirming a link in an email.
  • New users will become ‘unregistered user’ until activation link selected
  • Archive users to maintain work history when the user is no longer employed by the company.
  • Default Crews can only be set in settings | COMPANY | Default Crews
  • Print or Export individual timesheets from the User Record
  • Print or Export multiple timesheets from the Users List
  • Timesheets display in the time zone of the user not the time zone of the user requesting the timesheet.
  • Time zone differences are displayed in a ‘Note’ at the top of the page.

Select this link for additional detail on How to Manage Users