Manage Unregistered Users


Use the UNREGISTERED sub tab to manage any new users who have been created in FieldAware but are not yet activated. Unregistered users can be edited while waiting for activation, including adiding any user custom fields. If a user deletes the activation email by accident, you have the ability to resend an activation email simply by selecting SAVE on the Unregistered User's Record. Unregistered users are the new users that have not been activated and validated through a registration email.

To manage unregistered users in your account requires ‘Enable Delete’, ‘Enable List’, and ‘Enable Update’ in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ security settings.

Consider the following tips and techniques as you manage unregistered users.

  • Unregistered users have not activated the email link sent from FieldAware
  • Define Labor Rates in settings | COMPANY | Labor Details
  • User rights can be by role or custom to a specific user
  • Selected notification events will display on the NOTIFICATIONS page
  • Delete unregistered users using the multi-select action on the list view.

Select this link for additional detail on How to Manage Unregistered Users