Create New User


Create New Users when you hire new people or are setting up your account. Users are anyone who needs to log in and access your FieldAware account. Users may include managers, field service workers, technicians, mechanics, laborers, craftsman, or contractors to whom you assign an appointment. This list also includes the back office personnel who dispatch, track and invoice, or access reports and account data.

Anyone that has access to the USERS tab, and the Enable User Create option is turned on within the Roles and Rights, can create a NEW USER.

Consider the following when creating a new user:

  • The Role field displays on the Users List and User Record as Group.
  • Activation emails will be sent to new users. The validation link will expire in 5 days.
  • For security reasons, all passwords are set by the user and must be 12 characters and can be a combination of numbers and letters.
  • Do not reply to the activation email

Select this link for additional detail on How to Create a New User