Tasks and Task Groups


Tasks are the services that you provide your customers. They are comprised of the steps and procedures you have in place to complete a job. Tasks are a critical component of your business since they reflect the efficiencies or service you provide to your customers that will set you above your competitors.

When you select TASKS from the tabs across the top of the page, you will see a TASK LIST that could include, depending on the Display Grid Columns selected, the Task Name, Description of the task, Unit Cost, Markup, Unit Price, or any Custom Field created and associated with that task. TASK GROUPS can include one or many Tasks and save time when creating a job or quote as well as create a template of items and attachments to be consistently applied to the job or quote. Select NEW TASK to add a Task to your company.

Tasks are the “WHAT” you do, the “WHY” someone calls for you, and the “HOW” you get the job done. From the TASKS tab you can: