Select Company Import/Export Settings


Moving data into and out of FieldAware is easy using our CSV import templates and export files. A comma separated values file (CSV) is a common file format that is widely supported by consumer and business applications.

  • The Format Options area is for changing the date, time, and invoice CSV export formats when importing or exporting your data. FieldAware is a global application that supports European and international date and time formats. Make certain that the correct format of the date and time is selected to ensure proper importing of your data into other systems.
  • The Import/Export Encoding field provides the option to change the encoding of an import or export. Encoding refers to the format of the data to a standard. In this case, the default is set to Windows 1252, but if the UTF-8 option is required or suggested, simply click on the drop down to change your selection.

Select this link for additional detail on How to select your company Import/Export Settings