Use Scheduler


Scheduler offers your service business pain-free scheduling and instant drag and drop dispatch for unassigned jobs. The Map view pinpoints business activity by technician location and job state. This single pane of glass view allows for quickly adjusting and reacting to the changing needs of your business.

Clean and simple interface allows you to easily:

  • Drag-and-drop jobs to quickly assign, re-assign or reschedule them
  • One click access to full job details for quicker decisions around the job
  • See when the tech has started, paused and completed jobs to stay ahead of scheduling issues

Pinpoint the job location so you can:

  • Use job proximity to allow more jobs with less travel
  • See where resources are throughout the day for the quickest emergency job response
  • Validate equal distribution of work assignments by techs and regions

Color coding and icons indicate real-time job type and status. You can quickly assess and manage:

  • Tech workload to reduce overruns and overtime
  • Requests for re-assignment to expedite service delivery
  • Customer appointments and time schedules are adhered to

For Example, Completed jobs are BLACK , Paused Jobs are ORANGE, Scheduled Jobs are BLUE ,Started Jobs are GREEN, and Declined Jobs are RED .

One-click configuration to create as many custom views as you need:

  • Filter by teams and locations for intelligent dispatching
  • Create key customer views to manage high priority customers
  • Filter by job description to allow classification of jobs

The scheduler provides the ability to:

  • Utilize filters to customize the display of your field staff
  • Choose various date ranges to view
  • Schedule new jobs
  • Dispatch unassigned jobs
  • Access a map view of your field staff
  • View the progression of jobs by color

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