Set Scheduler View(s)


Apply SCHEDULER views easily and quickly using filters. Define employees to include in the view, job fields to search, and arrange display column layouts to meet your specific business needs. Filters allow for the allocation of employees into teams of people or by location name. Filter by job states and job fields including job/quote custom fields types of text, number, dropdown, and checkbox. In addition, reduce the number of unassigned jobs you have to manage using the unassigned jobs filters. Set the filter options, save, and name the defined filter for easy access to the information you need to manage or review.

You might have resources in the scheduler that are shared across teams, other areas, or other dispatchers and occasionally need to view schedules of all employees and the total list of jobs. However, on a daily basis need a sub set of the employees and jobs to manage or unassigned jobs to schedule and dispatch.

The reader of this document will be able to create a SCHEDULER view using the ‘Open Filters’ tab. This Jobs Area action requires ‘Enable Scheduler’ in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ security settings.

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