Find my Technician


Smart technology has opened the opportunity to electronically tap or ping a technician’s mobile device and ask it to send location information to the back office - all without having to interrupt the technician or their work progress. This visibility as to where your technician is will help your dispatcher schedule new appointments based on the closest, available technician to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

Quickly realign resources to get the right technician to the right location with speed and efficiency when emergency situations arise or when speedy action is required.

The ‘Ping for the Current Location’ icon is available but should only be used during the working hours defined for the technician in their User Record. At this time, the tech can be pinged at any hour, not just their working hours. A working hour restriction to the feature will be implemented when the mobile application supports clock in and clock out feature.

You will be able to view a technician’s location on the SCHEDULER | Map View using the ‘Map All Techs’ feature and manually request technicians last known location or click on the 'Ping for the Current Location’ icon. This Jobs Area action requires ‘Enable Scheduler’ in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ security settings.

Select this link for additional detail on the Find My Tech function