Schedule a Field Quote


Field Quotes- Created on the web or on the mobile. A field quote captures specific requirements for the service such as the linear or square footage needed. The technician scheduled to the quote is required to complete the task(s) onsite and complete the quote.

Generate quotes and turn them into job work orders and then invoices or simply invoice for the quote - all with a flexible and clear workflow to match your business process.

Quotes can be created from several places within the web – from JOBS & QUOTES, from CUSTOMERS, from ASSETS - and on the mobile device. Use Quotes in conjunction with the Scheduler to ensure the right tech is sent to complete the quote and obtain the correct measurements or units necessary for a correctly priced quote.

Create quotes within the Web App using the NEW QUOTE tab requires ‘Enable Quote Create’, ‘Enable Quote List’ and ‘Enable Quote View’ in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ security settings. Quotes created by the technician are visible on their mobile devices and are discussed in the quotes mobile documents.

Select this link for additional detail on scheduling field quotes with a Job lead