Print Options on Quotes


On the job or quote record when you select the Print button, information is converted to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file and automatically sent to your default download folder. When viewed or printed, PDFs contain details such as job/quote ID, customer address, job lead and crew, job description, task attachments or work details based on your company preferences.

Print Options

Preferences are set in the PDF/Email Settings accordion within COMPANY settings. If ‘Provide Options at Time of Print/Email’ is chosen then you will view selectable checkboxes for each option. Options will default to the setting in company settings, but will be editable. In addition, they will respect the user’s permission settings.

Show Costs - Enable to show or hide the costs columns.

Show Prices - Enable to show or hide the prices columns.

Show Times - Enable to show or hide a table of job/quote status events such as active, paused, and completed and their date & time stamp.

Embed Image Attachments as Thumbnails - When enabled in settings, all images will be embedded. When enabled at time of print/email, select image attachment(s) from a list. Image attachments must be in one of the following formats: tiff, png, jpeg, or gif.

Display Attachment Names and Captions - When enabled in settings, all attachment names and captions will display underneath their associated task.

Show Task Details – Select from dropdown to show or hide the task notes and/or description on the PDF.

Consider the following tips and techniques to choose print options on Jobs or Quotes.

  • Company Print options reside in settings | COMPANY | PDF/Email Settings
  • Display the Task Notes within the task details on a Job PDF, Quote PDF, or an Invoice PDF.
  • Select the ‘Show Costs’ and the ‘Show Price’ checkboxes to display all pricing columns. When neither is selected, only the quantity column displays.
  • Refer to 'Email Options on Jobs or Quotes' for details regarding the option to ‘Link Attachments to Email’.
  • View PDF Print options to select the combination most appropriate for your business. Print the job work order that details the service provided to leave with the customer.

Select this link for additional detail on Print Options for Quotes