Manage Quotes


Manage quotes using the JOBS & QUOTES tab. Once a quote is created, you can schedule, edit, print, invoice, email, create a new version, or delete. The quote record is accessible from the quote ID that is system-generated at the time a quote is initially created. By managing your quotes, you can easily stay current with quote status, job lead availability, or quote duration. Take instant action to invoice directly from the quote record when the quote is complete and not auto-invoiced. The Quote Record, Quotes List, Jobs List, and the SCHEDULER sub tab provide visibility to the details of your service operations.

The following settings affect managing quotes:

  • COMPANY - PDF/Email, Cost, Labor, Quote Numbering, Tax Settings, and Quote Terms and Conditions to review for display options, costing, labor rates, tax rates, and format or content of Terms and Conditions.
  • ROLES & RIGHTS - To manage quotes from the web requires permissions in the 21 Quotes Settings Areas in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ security settings.

Manage quotes from the following areas:

  • Quote Record - Access from Quote ID quick link or Search for a Quote ID using the Search in Quotes selection within Quick Search to locate and open the quote record
  • Quotes List and Jobs List – Use the list actions of filtering and sorting on either the Jobs List or the Quotes List plus the multi-select Jobs List actions for deletion, invoicing, assignment or reassignment, or printing.
  • SCHEDULER sub tab – provides a single pane of glass view into quote activity.

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