Create a CSV for Quote Import


Quotes can be imported to create a scheduled quote. If large amounts of quotes are received from multiple sources, the list of quotes can be imported to limit the need for manual entry. The Quote Import has specific requirements for field formatting. Quotes are imported via a CSV file.

A comma separated values file (CSV) is a common, relatively simple file format that is widely supported by consumer and business applications. Among its most common uses is moving list data between programs. For example, you may need to transfer quote data from another program that stores data in a proprietary format. The program most likely can export its data as CSV or an excel report that can be saved as a CSV, and then the exported CSV file can then be copied and pasted for import into your account using the Import Quote CSV Template.

It is recommended to enter Customers imports first, Assets imports second and the Job History/Quotes/Jobs imports third. If these imports are attempted in any other order, errors will occur during the importing process. Tasks, Items and Suppliers can be imported in any sequence without issues. Contacts, Locations and Users can only be used to update a record. You cannot create a new record with these imports.

Similar to a Job Import, the quote template must contain certain values.

  • Provide information in the ‘Customer Account Ref’, ‘Customer Name’, and ‘Location Name’ fields. These fields are used together to detect the location in your company. If no location or multiple locations are found, an error is reported and the import will fail.
  • You may also provide information in the ‘Asset Name’ and ‘Asset Serial Number’ fields. These fields are used together to find the customer and location for the asset. If values are given for both asset and customer/location fields, the customer/location field will be ignored in favor of the asset fields.
  • The combination of ‘Asset Name’ and ‘Asset Serial Number’ must match an asset in your account. Similarly, the combination of ‘Customer Account Ref’, ‘Customer Name’ and ‘Location Name’ must match a customer and location associated to that customer.

Each row in the CSV is a quote, and therefor will not be a check for duplicate rows in the CSV. We suggest you review the number of quotes in the CSV prior to import.

Add a quote using the CSV Quote Import Template requires ‘View Import Export’ enabled in either ‘Role or Rights’ for the company, or “User Roles & Rights’ settings in a particular users profile.

Select this link for additional detail on preparing a CSV file for a Quote Import