The JOBS & QUOTES tab provides end-to-end control of every job or quote at every location. View quotes from the QUOTES LIST tab and create a new quote from the NEW QUOTES tab.

Quotes are integrated with your labor rates and item costs to ensure accurate pricing, to eliminate confusing calls between technicians and the office and to ensure precise quotes are quickly presented to customers. Quotes are often used as a sales tool to capture future customer requirements and you have the ability to create numerous quotes for a customer with diverse options. Due to the easy convert to job functionality, quotes can also be used to monitor 'parts on order' when the original job must be completed.

Quotes are in either one of the following forms:

  • In-house (web) - A new or existing customer makes contact either through a phone call, email, web request, or other quoting method you have in place to request a pricing statement or estimate for a service such as an installation or repair
  • Field - Created on the web or on the mobile. A field quote captures specific requirements for the service such as the linear or square footage needed. The technician scheduled to the quote is required to complete the task(s) onsite.

Here are some How-to Documents to use Quotes to enhance your business processes.