Manage Recurring Jobs


The Recurrent Job function is great for businesses who provide regular ongoing work to customers such as preventative maintenance or other contract-based services. Repeating or recurring jobs save dispatchers and service manager time and effort. Manage your recurrent jobs to accommodate holidays, vacation schedules, personnel changes, customer requests, weekend non business days, weather conditions and the variety of factors impacting the constant change associated with scheduling jobs.

Once recurrent jobs are created they exist in a series. The job numbers are whole numbers followed by a point one (.1), point two (.2), point three (.3) and so on indicating what number in the sequence of repeating jobs that job occurs. A banner message will display when the recurrent job is created listing the recurrent sequence from point one (.1) to the end job in your sequence such as point fifteen (.15) as in the example below.

A recurrent job can be removed from this original sequence with one of the following actions:

  • Dispatching – Job is sent to the mobile device. Edits will be for this job only.
  • Previous editing – Job has been changed from the original series conditions
  • Deleting - Job has been removed from original series

Select this link for additional detail and best practices when Managing Recurring Jobs