Create Contact from Job Page

New functionality has been added to the WebApp Job page - the ability to create a new Contact. This is the precursor to the Create Customer action, which will be added in a future release. Together, these two features will speed up user workflows tremendously.

Creating a New Contact Inline

The new Job page now features a Create New link beside the Contact field. To create a new Contact inline, follow these steps:

  1. Click New Job
  2. Select a Customer & Location (the Create New action becomes enabled)
  3. Click the Create New action beside the Contact field

  4. In the New Contact modal dialog, enter the Contact’s details and click Save

  5. Result: THe new Contact has been added to the Job



The Contact is automatically associated to the Customer and Location which was selected. Once the New Contact dialog is saved and closed, the record has been created. It persists even if the user cancels Job creation without saving.