The JOBS & QUOTES tab provides end-to-end control of every job or quote at every location. View jobs from the JOBS LIST tab and create new jobs from the NEW JOBS tab.

Jobs and Quotes are core to the delivery of service and business operations. They can be scheduled now or scheduled to dispatch later. They can be dispatched to one technician or to a Job Lead with unlimited members or technicians. They can last one minute, an extended duration over multiple days, or repeat on a recurring timeframe throughout the year or years. In addition, they can focus on a specific customer asset.

Jobs can be created from several places within the web – from JOBS & QUOTES, from the SCHEDULER, from CUSTOMERS, from ASSETS, from CRM or ERP system integration, from JOB IMPORTS - and on the mobile device. Use Scheduled Jobs in conjunction with the SCHEDULER to ensure the right tech has the right job at the right time.

To create a scheduled job using the NEW JOB entry tab, the Schedule button on the SCHEDULER, the Dispatch Asset Job button, the New Job button on the Customer Record, or from the mobile application requires ‘Enable Job Create’, ‘Enable Job List’, and ‘Enable Job View’ in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ security settings. Jobs created from a JOB IMPORT also requires the 'View Import Export' right.

Jobs can be created with the following options or combination of options:

  • As a Scheduled Job – Scheduled date & time for immediate dispatch
  • As a Scheduled Deferred Job – Scheduled date & time with a later dispatch
  • As a Crew Job – With multiple technicians or contractors
  • As a Crew Job with Crew Assign - With multiple technicians or contractors responsible for tasks and/or state
  • As an Unassigned Job - Without a job lead identified
  • As a Multi-Day Job – Duration beyond working hours for one (1) day
  • As a Recurrent or Repeating Job – With reiterating scheduled date & time
  • As an Asset Job – With an asset focus

Jobs can have multiple options. For example, a scheduled job can be scheduled for several days or a recurring job can be unassigned.

FieldAware offers the following two types of crew jobs;

  • Dispatch to a Job Lead who occasionally has a crew and generally will complete the task in one visit.
  • Dispatch to a Crew when each crew member receives notification of the job with individually planned times and tasks to complete on a project.

Here are some How-to Documents to craft the options and variables of Jobs.