Create Items


Items are the materials, products, parts, inventory, consumable tools, and supplies used to complete a job or prepare a quote. Having a universal items list helps you create and maintain consistent item names, descriptions, and pricing. If an item is changed, the items list will automatically be updated company-wide.

Items can be created in multiple ways:

  • Using NEW ITEMS sub tab
  • From the mobile application (Detailed information on creating Items while out in the field will included in the mobile documents)
  • Importing via CSV (comma separated value) file

Consider the following tips and techniques when you create items.

  • If your company performs multiple types of services, try creating a unique and easy way of organizing your items. For example, if you perform HVAC and plumbing services, use a naming convention as a prefix to the items for each group. Example: Plumb-1/2’’ elbow and HVAC- Filters- 20x24x1.
  • Items are associated to tasks
  • Items can be added to tasks as they are worked on a job
  • Items can be added to tasks on quotes
  • Items can be added to a task in a task group
  • Barcodes are not created by FieldAware and should be created prior to scanning.
  • Any Item Custom Field when enabled in settings à CUSTOM FIELDS can be added to the item in the field.

Select this link for additional detail on How to Create Items.