Create a CSV for Item Import


Items are the materials, products, parts, inventory, consumable tools, and supplies used to complete a job or prepare a quote. Having a universal items list helps you create and maintain consistent item names, descriptions, and pricing. Using the CSV for Items import can save time when you need to add multiple new items for your business.

Create an Item with the CSV Import Template

When importing the items list, the ‘Name’ becomes the key value. Once imported the ‘Name’ cannot be changed with an import. All other data can be modified and updated based on the Name. A Microsoft Excel CSV file will download to your computer when you select Download Our Item CSV Template.

Consider the following tips and techniques when you create items using the CSV import.

  • If your company performs multiple types of services, try creating a unique and easy way of organizing your items. For example, if you perform HVAC and plumbing services, use a naming convention as a prefix to the items for each group. Example: Plumb-1/2’’ elbow and HVAC- Filters- 20x24x1.
  • Items are associated to tasks
  • Items can be added to tasks as they are worked on a job
  • Items can be added to tasks on quotes
  • Items can be added to a task in a task group
  • It is recommended to enter Customers imports first, Assets imports second and the Job History/Quotes/Jobs imports third. If these imports are attempted in any other order, there will be errors during the importing process. Tasks, Items and Suppliers can be imported in any sequence without issues. Contacts, Locations and Users can only be used to update a record. You cannot create a new record with these imports.
  • Examine the size of the file you plan to import. The recommended file size for import is from 5 to 8 K. This will equate to 5,000 to 8,000 rows of information within the csv.
  • Import at a time that is outside your normal working hours to minimize impact to the users and to avoid disruption to your business.

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