Create an Invoice


Create and view invoices using the INVOICES sub tab. You can filter the invoice list to locate quickly a specific invoice, to view export history, or link back to a job, quote, or customer and location. The invoice is a statement of the costs associated with completing this job or quote; an account of tasks completed, and items used. The invoicing features are designed to accelerate cash flow while simplifying the invoice process.

If you and your business are always on the go, you probably could benefit from the mobile auto-invoice feature that immediately sends an email invoice to your customers at the completion of a job or quote.

The following settings affect the creation of an invoice:

  • Company Invoice, ‘PDF/Email’, ‘Cost’, ‘Labor’, ‘Invoice Numbering’, and ‘Tax Settings’. Review for display options, costing, labor rates, tax rates, and GL Account defaults.
  • Custom Fields on Invoice or on Job/Quote selected to display on invoice
  • ROLES & RIGHTS Invoices setting area enable permissions to create and view invoices list.
  • ROLES & RIGHTS Jobs setting area enable permissions to auto-invoice from the mobile.

Create invoices from the following areas:

  • NEW INVOICE sub tab – Initiates an invoice entry page.
  • Invoice this Job or Invoice this Quote button – Transfers job or quote information to an invoice entry page. This button is only available for job or quote with a completed status.
  • Mobile Job Auto-Invoice feature – Creates an invoice from job information and sends an invoice to the customer’s email at job completion.

Consider the following tips and techniques when you create an invoice.

  • Use the quick links to view an invoice using an Invoice ID or search for an invoice using the universal Quick Search feature at the top of the FieldAware page.
  • Custom Line or Labor Items do not update the company’s task list, item list or labor detail settings. They are unique to the invoice created.
  • A mandatory date is required for invoice creation and all invoices must have a customer and address.
  • Change company information on an invoice at COMPANY | Company Profile and Addresses settings
  • When providing permissions to users to create an invoice include the ability to view invoices list
  • Change the invoice numbering to move ahead the numbering sequence in COMPANY | Job, Quote, Customer & Invoice Numbering. Start new number forward of the most recent Invoice ID. Numbering must remain in sequence and cannot return to a previous number.
  • Invoice Custom Fields must first be defined in settings | CUSTOM FIELDS I Invoice to appear on entry form for display on Invoice.

Quickly and easily, create invoices to accelerate cash flow while simplifying and automating parts of the invoice process. Electronically capture customer signatures and then instantly generate an invoice to send to the customer’s email address.

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