What to Do When Someone Leaves

People come and people go. Personnel change is a part of the business landscape. In FieldAware you will need to manage the users on your account as your staff changes due to company growth and attrition.

Use the following two steps when someone leaves

  1. Archive the User that is Leaving
  2. Create a New User with their Replacement

How to Archive a User

Archive a user to maintain the history of the jobs completed and actions of the person in your account.

  1. Select the USERS tab and view the User Record.
  2. Click Archive User
  3. An Archived label will display on the user record.
  4. An Archived user's device is automatically set to Online only.

Why can't I just change the Email Address? An email addresses must be unique to each person and as such is in an un-editable field.

An archived user will receive the following message when they sync their mobile.

If an archived user is ever unarchived, the user's device(s) must be activated and authenticated again. Any unsynced changes on the user's device(s) at the time of being archived will be lost.

How to Create a User

  1. Select the USERS tab and Click NEW USER.
  2. Enter in details for the new user, rights, notifications and labor rates.
  3. Click SAVE

An email will be sent to the ‘New Users’ email address with a validation link and their name will display on the UNREGISTERED tab until they activate. A password is set by the user when the user is activated.

How to Archive a User

 How to Create a New User

Plan Training for your New User