Recommended Web Browsers

A web browser will assist as you retrieve and traverse among webpages and websites. Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your web browser. If you do not have Firefox, you can download it from or Chrome from

Web browsers will retain browsing histories and store cache and cookies from the web sites visited. A periodic clearing of cache and cookies is recommended. Sometimes with a new release, our system developers will recommend an initial clearing of cache or cookies. This recommendation will be communicated in a ‘Release Notification’ or 'Alert' button on the site as in the example below, email communication and on this help page.

Follow Recommended Browser Maintenance

To ensure the smoothest FieldAware experience, it is a good idea to make sure your browser is up to date, as well as perform some basic maintenance from time to time.

  • Empty your browsing data by removing cache and cookies, and then close the browser and reopen.
  • Close unneeded browser tabs
  • Uninstall unused applications

Select this link for additional detail on How to Clear Chrome Cache and Cookies

Select this link for additional detail on How to Clear Firefox Cache and Cookies