Manage Custom Fields


Custom fields provide you the ability to manage your own custom data and track the information that is important to you. Custom fields, with the exception of date or time custom fields, are available for display on list view grids and are filterable on views.

Manage custom fields from the CUSTOM FIELDS sub tab where you can edit them, changing their order within an area or delete no longer valid custom fields.

These actions require ‘View Custom Fields’ in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ permission is enabled.

Tips and Techniques

Consider the following tips and techniques when you edit, change order, or delete custom fields.

  • Edited custom field names display on past, current and future records. For example, if a custom field name changes in a Job/Quote area. The new edited name will display on all past jobs, scheduled jobs and all jobs created in the future.
  • Custom fields cannot be moved from one area to another. For example, Job/Quote custom fields cannot be moved to within the Invoice area, but Job/Quote custom fields can be selected to ‘display on an invoice
  • Dropdown select order cannot be changed once the custom field is created, but additional options can be added.
  • A pop-up will request a confirmation of the delete request to avoid an accidental delete of a custom field. Be aware that deleted custom fields and all of the historical information contained in them will be removed.
  • When you delete custom fields that were previously used on saved filters, the saved filters will no longer work.

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