Control your Data with Imports


The IMPORT/EXPORT function offers access to your information and history. This open design provides you complete control of your data. Import and/or export customers, locations, contacts, items, tasks, assets, suppliers, jobs, quotes, job history, invoices, and users records -- all with total transparency.

  1. Select the settings button above the Quick Search in the upper right corner of the FieldAware page.
  2. Then the IMPORT/EXPORT subtab.

Manage your account data using the Imports section. Account data is the information or records you will use in your account to create jobs, maintain a relationship with you customers, update your users of FieldAware, and numerous additional activities. Import is a function that leverages data that you have compiled in another software solution such as an accounting package or a customer management program. Importing data into your account will save time and avoid entry errors.The following settings affect importing data:

  • Company Import/Export settings for Time and Date formats and Import Export Encoding
  • ROLES & RIGHTS Import/Export setting area to enable permission to view imports and exports from the web.

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