Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard Reporting


Business intelligence is a data analysis process aimed at boosting business performance by helping executives and other end users make decisions that are more informed.

Get the reporting foundation you need to guide your daily actions as well as your overall strategy. BI Dashboard Reports provide you the ability to manage financial, back office and tech processes. BI Dashboard Reports provide answers to key performance indicator questions such as:

  • Have I invoiced all my jobs?
  • Do I have missed opportunities?
  • Which technicians do I need to reward or provide training?
  • Can I improve my internal business processes to increase the number of jobs that that are performed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

Influence fast and informed short- and long-term decision making with data compiled from your businesses current activity. Use BI Dashboards to have the visibility of key data in graphical and tabular formats to deliver insights that are meaningful, actionable, and of real value to your business.

BI Dashboards actions require ‘View Dashboard Settings’ and ‘Edit User Dashboard’ in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ permissions are enabled. In addition, set permission for each report from the settings | DASHBOARD tab by role or by user.

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