Export and Update Contacts Using the CSV File


Export your entire Contacts List using the export utility in setting | IMPORT/EXPORT tab. This is a quick method to associate contacts to a specific location or bulk update with a custom field such as alternate phone number or update a customer portal user.

A comma separated values file (CSV) is a common, relatively simple file format that is widely supported by consumer and business applications. Among its most common uses is moving list data between programs.

Contacts cannot be created using the CSV template due to the Customer association and the need for a customer ID and contact ID.

Update contacts quickly by exporting the contacts list, making changes, and then uploading the updated CSV. Update the file in bulk to save time and reduce the opportunity for error.

Export contacts and update a contact using the CSV Contacts Import Template requires ‘View Import Export’ enabled in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ security settings.

Select this link for additional detail on the CSV file to Update Contacts or Export your Contacts