Create a CSV for Customers, Contacts & Locations Import


New Customers are an opportunity to build loyal customers. Keep all of your relevant customer information in a central, reliable place. Then technicians, dispatch, and accounting managers can coordinate customer information and even create custom fields to personalize your customer relationships even more.

Customer import can be used to either create new customers or update existing ones. It provides an easy method to create locations and contacts that can be associated with existing or new customers in bulk. To update existing locations or contacts use the Import Locations CSV Template or Import Contacts CSV Template.

The Customer CSV Template supports the import of customer details for the following three areas:

  • Customer – Business or customer name and details such as phone, email, website, and so on.
  • Location – Contains the specifics of a billing address or service location address. A customer can have one or many locations, but only one billing address.
  • Contact – Contact name and details such a phone, emails and notes. A customer can have one or many contacts for one or many locations.

This document explains the steps to import using a Customer CSV Template, the rules for each entry cell and the required fields. Importing new customer data, locations, and contacts in bulk will reduce costs by spending less time entering data.

A comma separated values file (CSV) is a common, relatively simple file format that is widely supported by consumer and business applications. Among its most common uses is moving list data between programs. For example, you may need to transfer customer data from an accounting program that stores data in a proprietary format. The accounting program most likely can export its data as CSV or an excel report that can be saved as a CSV; and then the exported CSV file can be copied and pasted for import into your FieldAware account using the import Customer CSV Template.

It is recommended to enter Customers imports first, Assets imports second and the Job History/Quotes/Jobs imports third. If these imports are attempted in any other order, there will be errors during the importing process. Tasks, Items and Suppliers can be imported in any sequence without issues. Contacts, Locations and Users can only be used to update a record. You cannot create a new record with these imports.

The add new customers using the Customers CSV Template action requires ‘View Import Export’ enabled in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ security settings.

Select this link for additional detail on creating a CSV file for Customer Imports