Create an Asset


The ASSET tab inventories customer’s assets. Assets are tangible items, equipment, or systems that have a physical presence, such as compressors, boilers, refrigeration units, transformers, trucks, cranes, etc. that are maintained and serviced by you but owned by your customers.

There are several ways to create new assets. On the web, add assets to your account either by using the NEW ASSET entry, or in bulk using the asset comma separated values file (CSV) template. Importing asset data, customers, locations, and contacts in bulk will reduce costs by spending less time entering data. On the mobile, add assets to your customer’s account using the ‘New Asset’ cell. When creating a new asset, a customer and location must be provided.

Adding assets requires permissions to be enabled in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ security settings ‘Enable Asset Create’ and ‘Enable Asset View’ are the settings that must be enabled. Adding assets using the Assets CSV Template requires ‘View Import Export’ to be enabled in either ‘Role or User Roles & Rights’ security settings.

Consider the following tips and techniques when you create new assets using the NEW ASSET tab.

  • The asset name Compressor could be used multiple times for different customers or multiple units owned by the same customer. In the second example, you can number the units such as Compressor 6, Compressor 7, Compressor 8, etc.
  • Custom Fields must first be defined in settings | CUSTOM FIELDS | Assets to appear on entry form. Refer to the document on how to create custom fields for additional information.
  • Tax name, rate and tax group must first be defined in settings | COMPANY | Tax Settings to appear in dropdown
  • Asset Area Examples: HD 60” Television is on 3rd row, west side of store, Aisle 5 Row 3 second shelf from the bottom, or Behind the utility shed on the northeast corner of the lot
  • A tip for all dropdown select fields is to enter a letter or a few letters to jump to that choice in the list.
  • Maintenance Example is ‘Leaves and grass clipping are preventing outdoor air conditioning unit from functioning efficiently’.
  • Barcodes are not created by FieldAware and should be created prior to scanning.

Select this link for additional detail on How to Create an Asset